Scarlet is a Brighton-based consultancy for people who run businesses. Scarlet specialises in helping bosses grow their companies better.

Scarlet works by quickly analysing what’s blocking you and your company’s success: normally strategy or people. A plan is agreed which Scarlet can then help you implement. Scarlet can be your chairperson, coach, mentor or taskmaster: whatever you need.

Scarlet always agrees a fixed price with fixed objectives. As business growth experts, we take the pain of sales, profit and cashflow growth away. We can enable any business to grow, with the value created funding your investment in Scarlet. No-bullshit clarity and challenge, Scarlet works with total confidentiality.

Scarlet’s Mission

Scarlet’s mission is to make people in business more successful leaders by making management consultancy, coaching and mentoring understandable/safe/open and accessible to them. There is too much fear of what it is, how much it costs and what you get for it. Scarlet exists because of a belief that most leaders can be brilliant – they just don’t know how. We use a proven framework and a careful blend of traditional and non-traditional methodologies to deliver results as quickly as possible.

“Coaching is, at its best, all about the very businesslike idea of getting people to be better at what they do”

Stefan Stern, Financial Times

If any of these statements are true, Scarlet can take you to a better place so please call +44 (0)7795 210671 or email

  • You are working very hard in your business, but you don’t really know where you (or the business) are going: you have no business growth models to increase marketing, sales and margins to the next level.
  • You feel lonely at the top. You wish you had a trusted co-director/ advisor, or could fill that ‘missing’ member of the Board.
  • Your relationships with your fellow owners / directors / executives are fine, but you’re not sure that you all agree on what the future of the business is. You feel this may be holding you back.
  • You think you know where you’re going, and that this is a shared view, but you’re not getting anywhere. Revenues, growth and/or profits are stuck.
  • You remember feeling happier in your work and/or life: at another time, place or in another role.
  • You are ambitious for growth, but have a secret concern that you don’t know how to get there / don’t know whether your mission and strategy is right / don’t really have a mission and strategy / don’t really know what a mission and strategy is.
  • You have thought about how consultancy or taking on a mentor could help you, but have been put off by the potential ‘unknown’ costs and open-ended nature of normal arrangements.

For the same price as paying for one junior employee for one month you can transform the way you are leading your business.


What people say

“One of those wonderfully simple and massively effective things that you wish you had done years before. Use Scarlet now and become more successful. Simple.”

John Morgan, VP Barclays International Corporate

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What people say

“A great process to remind me why I do what I do, and push me on to achieve it.”

Phil Green, Managing Director, MDHUB

What people say

“Scarlet cuts through the irrelevance and tells it as it is. There’s nowhere to hide, and that’s a very good thing when time is precious.”

James Berkeley, Legal Counsel Corporate, Unilever