You probably have plans in lots of areas of your life. Where you’re going and what you’re doing on holiday. The new extension. But do you actually have a plan for the future of your life and/or business? Often, when the impetus of setting up your business or structuring a new team or department has faded, it is replaced with a day to day that feels like treading water - You know how good it feels to have an agreed plan that you can implement. The vision, mission, goals and strategies Scarlet works on with you and your fellow owners or executives gives you this focus, and starts you on your journey to fully achieve your goals within your timeframes.

Identify the things or beliefs that block your performance.

There is great relief in standing back from something and clearly understanding how it is impacting you negatively. And then doing something about it.

Only concentrate on the activity that will achieve your vision of success.

Having a clear filter for the wall of ‘to-do’ noise in the average business owner or manager’s life provides you with a lighter touch and substantially improves your happiness at both work and home

It’s good to talk to someone who understands.

Your fellow owners/ directors/ managers can share your problems, but are usually part of your frame of reference as well. Your partner is fantastic, but to be honest you’d rather not talk work to them after a long week at the office

It’s good to work with someone who has successfully run and grown small, medium and large companies.

Your coaching and consultancy advice is set within the context of real and real-time/ recent business experience. In doing this it avoids the pure academic or theoretical where you are doubting the reality of implementation


Scarlet charges out at a standard hourly rate of £1,000. Session packages and block bookings which provide discounts are detailed below.

Getting to Know You session
Planning session - 1.5hrs
Typical Main session - 5hrs
Scarlet ‘1&1’ £1,600pm
£2,000pm £1,600pm for a dedicated personal or company adviser, month in and month out
Events range in price from £5,000 per head for a mid-week evening event, through to £10,000 per head for concentrated retreats
Training modules range in price from £1,500 per head for a mid-week evening training session, through to £4,000 per head for a more intensive training session

So, for the same price as paying for one junior employee for one month you can transform the way you are leading your life and your business.


What people say

“I immediately took three decisions within a fortnight of my Scarlet Sessions that six months later had improved my bottom-line by £250k. Thank you.”

Helena Robinson, Director, UK Online Group Limited

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