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Scarlet operates internationally, with regular sessions run throughout the UK. Based in Brighton, UK, Scarlet either arranges sessions at your offices or in selected locations more suited to the work required.

Call +44 (0)7795 210671 or email

Scarlet runs quarterly events which can act both as a good introduction to potential private sessions, or as standalone group coaching. Call +44 (0)7795 210671 or click here for more information.

Scarlet Referrals

Scarlet may not be right for you, but is there someone else you know who may be stuck or in need of help? Either personally in or in their business?

Scarlet works by referrals. If you meet us and don’t think we could work together then we’d really like you to help us by referring us to someone who you think we could work together with. If you’re reading this and don’t think we could work together then, similarly, we would love it if you pass on our details.

A free hour session is offered for every full booking that comes from a referral.

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