How it works

Any consultant or coach who tells you that ‘every client is different’, or ‘we tailor solutions to your requirements’ ignores the fact that there are common truths that aren’t rocket science.

There are normally blockers to an individual or management team’s performance or ability to achieve a goal.

  • Overcoming these blockers alone is hard, even assuming you are able to a) recognise that you have the blocker and b) establish possible routes to overcome them.
  • Working with someone else to explore the blockers, remove them and replace them with tools to perform or achieve better is a lot easier.
  • Achieving the consistent long-term change which stops the blocker coming back isn’t easy and requires a significant amount of personal effort.

The final bullet above is the unfortunate truth. Scarlet however uses a system to provide you with the ability to change yourself and implement the long-term change with greater ease. We are experts in unblocking business growth, and then have models, frameworks and a structured process for achieving high growth.

The Normal Process:

Meeting and Getting to Know You Session:

  • Book a place on an event, training module or arrange a getting to know you session.
  • A getting to know you session is normally a short meeting over coffee where we establish if and how we could work together: this is obviously free.

The Two Sessions explained:

  • Planning Session: We spend about 90 minutes exploring what you want out of your time with Scarlet, what you want out of life, what’s blocking you and specific areas for development.
    • A headline plan of action is agreed.
    • This draft plan is costed and objectives to be delivered detailed. This is a good document for sharing if you have a line manager, shareholders or a HR department signing off.
  • Main Session: Typically, Scarlet looks to deliver to its mission of making people happier in their life by working through a simple change equation that is adapted from some organisational change work by David Gleicher:

Vision of Success + Current Dissatisfaction + Next Steps = Change

    • We use a number of techniques to create a vision of success with you that ensures that every action that you take from that point forward is about delivering to your vision.
    • Your current dissatisfactions are extracted by classic brainstorming and then Scarlet facilitates you identifying the common root causes of your issues.
    • Your next steps are the immediate physical actions you will take on leaving the coaching session that will start to address your dissatisfactions and lead you towards achieving your vision.
Scarlet 1 and 1

Scarlet 1&1

  • Scarlet ‘1&1’ £1,600pm is a regular service increasingly being taken up by people who value the ability to have a dedicated personal or company adviser, month in and month out. This service treats them as a regular part of the leadership team with two hours face-to-face and unlimited email support each month.
    • Available as a standalone service without having used any of Scarlet’s other coaching and consultancy services
    • Often used like a Non-Executive Director or Chairperson without the normal costs
    • Use for monthly Board or management meetings
    • Use as your personal ‘helpline’ or on-call adviser for those difficult decisions

What people say

“Scarlet’s approach is very clear, no nonsense or technical speak and very practical.  We covered a hell of a lot in that first session and came away feeling positive and full of energy and wanting to start putting some of our actions into practice (which we did the next day!!).”

Jacky Misson, Rise, MD

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