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Scarlet Training is a set of mix and match training modules for directors and senior managers. In line with the Scarlet principles of being about value for money deliverables at a time that will suit you best, the sessions can be out of hours and at weekends.

All training can be booked by either individuals or groups.

Scarlet is always about a fixed price with fixed objectives, and the training modules are no different. Different from the standard management development programmes on offer, Scarlet Training specialises in providing an advanced set of tools for running a high growth company, including:

‘Time Management (For those who haven’t got Time for a Course)’ does what it says on the tin. Distilled from the best practices in current management thinking, this after work session saves you many valuable hours of reading and research via an intensive 90 minute upload of proven personal management systems and tools.


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‘Stress Management for Owner Managers’
Owning and managing a business can be one of the most enjoyable, rewarding activities you can be involved in. It can also feel like treading water in a typhoon while being consumed by sharks. Balancing cashflow, strategy, people management, family and your own sanity is one of the many and varied challenges.

A 90 minute presentation immediately after work, you will take away a set of techniques to enable you to reduce or avoid stress. Designed to deliver immediate benefits, this module comes with a money back guarantee (to reduce your stress even further...)


Training dates in Brighton

‘Cashflow Kung fu’ is a set of proven tools and techniques for achieving a calm and controlled relationship with your business’ cashflow. Enabling you to manage your stress, your board (and other investors) — as well as your cash — this is a two hour mid-week evening course which covers:

  • Cashflow toolkit
  • Commercial terms
  • Creditor and debtor management
  • Attitude and communication


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‘The Mission, Vision & Strategy Black Box’ takes three words probably most paid lip service to by the directors of growing businesses and shows how these are the primary tools at your disposal to gain competitive advantage in your market. You can access the same tools as the biggest global players and these don’t cost cash.

A three hour mid-week session, covering:

  • Theory and definitions that make sense for a business of your size
  • Making the theory as real a tool as your calculator
  • Putting your mission at the centre of your communications: to your team as well as your clients and prospects
  • Creating a Mission, Vision and Strategy framework for running your business


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‘Finance for Non-Finance People (Who really need to know about Finance)’ takes you to your Room 101 of numbers and accountancy chat. Strip through the terminology to the only things that matter. Access the only information that is important to run your business and ensure your team are focusing on the right things.

A mid-week evening course split over 2x two hour sessions. Includes:

  • Removing the hang-ups from financial terminology, including
    • financial accounting
    • financial statements and
    • stockmarket ratios
  • The financial tools that matter:
    • the balanced scorecard
    • corporate finance
    • techniques to increase profit


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‘Leadership Effectiveness Training (The Complete Programme)’

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You select the areas you want training in, we assess your needs against our high performance leadership framework, and then we give you a training price based on a series of face to face 121s and surrounding pre and post session work. The following areas are available:

  • Leadership styles & theories - qualities & skills overview
  • Leadership vs. Management
    • what changes
    • differences & similarities
    • challenges to overcome
    • the spectrum
  • Communication skills - team & cross-company
  • Emotional intelligence - the importance of self awareness
  • Change management
    • words and actions into repeated behaviours
    • change through feedback & goals
    • enabling mental model change
    • behavioural activation in business change
  • Talent leadership - motivation, engagement and getting results
  • Collaboration - peer, team building and partnerships
  • Performance management - empowerment, goal-setting, planning, accountabilities & commitments
  • Execution culture - the role of listening and challenging to hit the figures
  • Strategic effectiveness overview - what is strategy, and what is your role?
  • Creative effectiveness overview - what role does creativity have in business?
  • Personal effectiveness overview - procrastination, productivity and learning
  • Sales & Marketing effectiveness overview
    • SPIN and marketing engagement tools
    • SPIN models in action
    • marketing engagement, campaigning & closing
    • targets and performance management

£800 per hour custom programme

Training dates in Brighton

Scarlet Events is a series of personal development and personal/ business coaching events throughout the year. These are mainly held at weekends or in the early evenings in the centre of Brighton to avoid disrupting your work week.

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What people say

“Working with Scarlet has been a huge eye-opener for me… it quickly gave me clarity on the business I wanted to develop and the future working life I was looking to create. It opened up my mind to new ways of thinking about my career and helped my confidence at a time of great change. Thank you!”

Vicki Hughes, Founder & MD, Fugu PR

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What people say

“Working with Scarlet allowed me to step out of the world for 2 hours - thank you. Refocusing on my key business and personal objectives was very energising, creative and fun!”

Fiona Shafer, Managing Director – omega blue consulting