About Scarlet

Scarlet was established in 2004 specifically to help business owners, leaders and managers to work better: Leading People in Leading Companies, usually by leading themselves better. We are experts in unblocking business growth, and then have models, frameworks and a structured process for achieving high growth.

Scarlet’s consultants have successfully run both private and public companies across most sectors at Board-level, including digital, software and marketing services. They are professionally qualified, and most importantly have no hesitation in making clear recommendations for your improvement that they follow up on. This is done based on experience rather than just theory. All have a passion for helping people improve. We have a full range of skills from start-up, through fundraising to sale: we have grown, led, bought and sold hundreds of companies.

As well as you having a first contact consultant/ coach, a network of specialists are used where appropriate to solve your problems or improve your success.

  • We focus on vision, mission, goals and strategies for you and your fellow owners or executives. By getting you right you are better able to lead a company to success.
  • No coaching crap. A trusted adviser to listen and give clear, robust advice that makes you perform better
  • Clear agreed pricing against delivery of a set of recommendations that can be implemented without further coaching or consultancy input
  • Flexible to the hours that suit, specialising in out of hours and weekend sessions

What people say

“Scarlet made the process of bringing our company's vision and goals into alignment incredibly efficient and painless. He made sure all points of view were covered at the same time as keeping the pace going at a gallop so a huge amount of ground was covered by all”

Victoria Heath, MD, Stagecoach plc

“I was surprised about how much was sorted out by Scarlet so quickly. I had worked with coaches and consultants previously, but nothing prepared me for the break throughs/ insights I achieved and the changes I made in such a short period of time”

Stephen Bate, Senior Manager, HSBC


What people say

“The thing that I value most so far is how quickly Scarlet helps me get to the heart of a challenge, analyse what's most important and find a way through. It speeds things up and helps build momentum, which is vital for a small business”

Antony Mayfield, MD, Brilliant Noise

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